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Jobs for the month… May

  • Sowings of tender vegetables – French beans, cucumbers, squash, courgettes

  • Sowings of hardy annuals

  • Sowing of succession vegetables radish, lettuce, some herbs such as basil and dill

  • Planting up summer bedding in pots and clearing the spring bulb displays away, protect summer bedding from the cold

  • harden off bedding and tender perennials such as dahlias and cannas by introducing them to the outside

  • Potting on tomatoes for the greenhouse and outside

  • Potting on sowings of basil

  • Hoeing off weeds

  • Keep a watch on frosty nights

  • Put in place plant supports for perennials that need them

  • Harvesting of early crops, lettuce, radish, spinach, spring onion, and pak choi

  • Planting out of various vegetables grown as plugs such as lettuce

  • Gradually reduce the height of the lawn to desire height if you need to mow, or leave daisies, dandelions and other wildflowers to flower to provide food for wildlife

  • Keep a slug and snail watch remove by hand and relocate

  • Take time to watch wildlife in your garden

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